Prof.dr Ivana Ognjanović

University of Donja Gorica
Medical informatics, field: AI

Prof.Ognjanović is one of the pioneers of medical informatics eductaion in Montenegro. She co-coordinated Erasmus+ project „Enhancement of study programs in Public Health Law, Health Management, Health Economics and Health Informatics in Montenegro (PH-ELIM)“ which resulted with key reforms in cretaion of medical informatics profession in Montenegro. She is invloved in several national and EU funded projects in the field of medical informatics. Bio:
Assistant.Prof.dr Mihailo Vukmirović

Clinical Centre of Montenegro

DR Vukmirović graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, specializing in Internal Medicine and narrowly specializing in Cardiology with excellent results as the first student in his class ahead of schedule. His key area is rhythm disorders with a special focus on atrial fibrillation in leading European clinics such as the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) in Prague, where he was a fellow of the European Heart Rhythm Disorders Association (EHRA), where he is traditionally educated every years.
Enisa Žarić, MD

Clinical Centre of Montenegro

Dr. Enisa Žarić, head of the day hospital of the Center for Hematology, Clinical Center of Montenegro, specialist in internal medicine, subspecialist in hematology. During her short specialization at the Clinical Center of Serbia (2012/2013), and then her stay at the Center for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation at the Aci Badem Clinic in Istanbul-Turkey, she was educated in the field of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
Prof.dr Ramo Šendelj

University of Donja Gorica
Medical informatics, field: cyber security

Prof. Šendelj is a research chair for cyber security at University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro. A computer scientist by training and skills, Ramo considers himself a learning and information scientist developing computational methods that can shape rapid changes in cyber environment and advance both, methodological and technological protection of information and knowledge in digital word, and enhance prevention, protection and reaction of cyber treaths and attacks. One of his core of interest is digital health protection.
Borislavka Golović Kažić, MSc

Institute of Modern technologies Montenegro
Health economy

Borislavka Golović Kažić completed her specialist and master's studies at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade-Serbia, majoring in Electronic Business. She is in the process of pre-doctoral studies at the same faculty. She is engaged as a researcher at IMTM, implementing several projects in the field of digitization (Marie-Kurie project, leader for the economy of digital health) as well as helath economy (mianly funded within Erasmus+).
Milovan Roganović, MD

Associate Professor

Milovan Roganović enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montenegro (study program medicine) in the academic year 2012/13. and graduated in 2018 with an average grade of A. During his studies, he received several annual awards from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for his success during his studies. He is the winner of the award of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts. Milovan was a scholarship recipient of the Municipality of Nikšić and the Ministry of Education of Montenegro.
Prof.dr Goran Popivoda

University of Montenegro
Medical informatics, field: biostatistics

Luka Laković, MSc

University of Donja Gorica
Medical informatics, field: IT management

Luka Lakovic is a PhD student at Faculty for Information Systems and Technologies, University of Donja Gorica, Montenegro. He completed bachelor and master studies as the best student in class. During his studies, he worked in the international company “Coinis” in the field of internet marketing. Since the 2014/15 school year, he has been engaged as a teaching assistant at the University of Donja Gorica. He has participated in numerous domestic and international conferences in the field of information and communication technologies. His research focuses on Natural Language Programming (NLP) attempting to contribute to the development of Montenegrin language in digital age.
Nataša Žugić, MSc

Ministry of Health
Health information management

Ms Žugić graduates as a first generation student of the Master program Health information management. Her key experience: 2016 - Ministry of Health of Montenegro- Head of Department for Health economics and IT system; 2016 - Member of Managing Board of Institute for Public Health; 2012 - Founder and member of Resident Association for health workforce of Montenegro; 2011-2016 Ministry of Health of Montenegro, Adviser to the Minister
Prim. Assistant prof.dr Mensud Grbović

Private Policlinique „Vaše zdravlje“

Since 2015, prof.dr Mensud Grbović is a Primarius, and expert associate at the Faculty of Medicine in Podgorica for the subjects Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine since 2008. Since 2010 appointed as a court expert, and from 2019 Docent, Faculty of Pharmacy, Novi Sad. He was also Deputy Minister of Health for one term.
dr Milica Daković Tadić

University of Donja Gorica
Health economy, accounting

Holder of PhD in Accounting with 20 years of experience in public and education sector in Europe and Middle East. Certified in ACCA, CIPFA, IPSAS and AFHEA.
Tanja Radusinović

Chamber of Economy Montenegro
Innovations and project management

Tanja Radusinović is Head of Project Department of Chamber of Economy of Montenegro since 2018 to present. She was Advisor to the President of the Chamber. She was coordinator of several projects regarding eHealth development in Montenegro.
Nada Rakočević

Chamber of Economy Montenegro
Medical informatics, field: IT management

Ms Nada Rakočević, performs the duty of the Secretary of the Association Board for ICT. She is in charge of following the performance of the ICT sector, formulating strategic goals and proposing measures aimed at creating favorable business environment for Montenegrin ICT companies.
Assistant Prof.dr Ena Grbović, MSc

University of Montenegro
Health information management

Asst. Dr. Ena Grbović is employed at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Montenegro. She also completed Master's academic study program in the field of Information Management in Healthcare at the University of Donja Gorica. She defended her doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Political Sciences in 2021.
Vilnerina Ramcilovic, MD

Institute of Public Health Montenegro

Vilnerina Ramčilović is medical doctor, specialized in social medicine. She is employed at the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro in the position of director of the Center for Health Promotion. The focus of her interest is the development of new evidence-based approaches to improve individual health and community empowerment, particularly in the area of women's health promotion and gender equality.
Milena Lukšic Đurović, MSc

University Mediterranean

Milena Lukšić Đurović is a senior lecturer for English language. She is actively involved in several EU funded projects, including Erasmus+ project “Enhancement of study programs in Public Health Law, Health Management, Health Economics and Health Informatics in Montenegro (PH-ELIM)” with key role in providing proper medical informatics dictionary at national level.
Momilo Bajagić, MD

Public institute “Komanski most”

Momčilo Bajagić is doctor of Internal Medicine with rich work experience in Emergency Aid for more than 13 years working at the Institute for Emergency Medical Care of Montenegro. Also he was engaged at laboratory associate at Medical Faculty, University of Montenegro.
Slađana Bogavac, MSc

Head nurse, Neurology Clinic, Clinical Centre of Montenegro
Nursing Informatics

MSc Slađana Bogavac was born in 1987 in Mojkovac, where she finished elementary school. Secondary medical school she finished in Podgorica, and medical college in Nurse School of Faculty of Medicine, University of Montenegro. At the Faculty of Pharmacy and Health of University of Travnik in Bosnia and Herzegovina she defended her master thesis. MSc Bogavac completed additional education in the field of electroencephalography, and since 2017 she is the head nurse at the Neurology Clinic of the Clinical Center of Montenegro. She participates in the implementation of several clinical studies as well as a lecturer in continuing education programs for nurses.